ThumpTown x Altitude?

What does it mean.. is it the same festival? Two different festivals? 

Whether you have bought a ticket through ThumpTown, or a ticket through Altitude.. you will be attending one of BC’s best up and coming festivals.

Either ticket provides access to all stages, vendors, and amenities.

While ThumpTown and Altitude do operate separately in terms of ticket sales, stage design and lineups that we book, we combine forces for all other aspects of the festival. 


ThumpTown and Altitude joined forces in 2022 during an unstable time for festivals - as we saw multiple independent festivals cancelled that year, we both learned it is not an easy business to get into. 

BUT by leaning into the power of the community (and getting connected by Vancouver’s own DJ Beer) ThumpTown and Altitude’s individual festivals came together to become a super festival on the same location.

This has given us both the ability to lean on each other, share resources and allow our audiences to have an even better experience at our collective festival. Join us this year and become a part of this special community we continue to build!

☀️ Welcome to ThumpTown! ☀️

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